Updating registry for email program

Thank you so much for an outstanding product as well as brilliant support.

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There are as many as 30 other email clients affected by these vulnerabilities including some of the very well known ones. In fact, it has been unaffected for at least 3 years now, long before the discovery of this.

By using OE Classic, you are safe against this one and also many other email threats because OE Classic employs various other security measures to protect you.

Stefania Miccoli Milano, Italia I have the Pro version and love it. I have moved email accounts (including address books, and thousands of emails) to OE Classic without any problems.

The procedures for doing so are very clearly written.

However, I am so grateful to the team member who helped me set up my new OE Classic Pro version that I want other potential customers to know about this excellent service and the speed of responding is beyond belief. Now, I can save my mail files to my computer exactly like I did before with Windows Mail and know that I am using a reliable and updated email program. Tucson, AZ, USA It's really refreshing to receive accurate support on such a timely basis!