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I scrolled through your Facebook page and saw the last quote you posted: “Life Tip: Do You.” I felt like you were speaking to me and everyone that you love. Acquiring his taste while living & traveling European as a youth and honing his aesthetic while being educated in the US, he seamlessly binds the urbanity and sensuality of the today’s women.Noting Gianni Versace as an artistic idol, cut and fit are the mainstay mantra of the brand.

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When I lost my leg due to a rare form of bone cancer, Mychael helped me get my confidence back. What my friend did for me changed my attitude about how I looked and boosted my confidence beyond words.

I once complained how designers aren’t making clothes for people like me. Give me a few days to sketch something for you.” I said okay cool. When our schedules allowed us to hang out, we attend various red carpet and industry events together. Mychael, as I cry typing this, I’m so glad I gave you your flowers while you were here and grateful for the time you spent here.

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“We are still processing the untimely death of our son, brother, friend, and uncle.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Knight broke into the fashion industry in Atlanta, Georgia by working as an intern at Wilbourn Exclusives in 2001 and then by becoming a Fashion Stylist in the music industry in 2002.